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World's only Intelligent Recruitment Assistant

Making recruitment incredibly easy

Candidate connects so far...

Why Ira?

Recruitment quality that is humanly impossible
Access millions of candidates
Complete recruitment with only 60 minutes of work
Cut down 90% of your recruitment effort


Results that are humanly impossible

- Automatic identification of the best candidates

- Smart filters and resume ranking for precise evaluation


Access to millions of candidates

- Instant candidate campaign

- Quick application and easy evaluation


Evaluate hundreds of applications in minutes

- Reduce time to fill

- Speed up recruitment, recruit before the competition


Cut down 90% of your efforts

- Eliminate all back and forth with candidates

- Reduce recruitment cycle to hours


Increased transparency

- Consistent screening and elimination of human errors

- Identification of bottlenecks


Reduce recruitment cost

- No other Job board or ATS required

- Increase closures and revenue substantially

What do you get?

Campaign Management

  • Customized campaign for every job
  • Unlimited candidate views
  • Identification of key skills
  • Equivalent skill suggestions
  • Identification of recruitment bottlenecks
  • Advanced filters

Intelligent Evaluation

  • Resume ranking
  • Multi-dimensional keyword search
  • Compare applicants
  • One-click offer negotiation
  • Job specific salary trends
  • Seamless communication with applicants

And more.....

  • Evaluate candidates from external sources
  • Team collaboration
  • Applicant tracking system
  • Customized email module
  • Everything on cloud
  • World-class customer support


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